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Grand Central Terminal, Colonnade

A New York holiday would not be complete without a visit to Grand Central Terminal, the city’s most magnificent public space and possibly the loveliest railway station in the world. Every day trains roll along the 67 tracks bringing nearly half a million commuters into the city. But it is the architecture, restaurants and shopping which attracts the tourists and not the trains. On at least one morning, leave your hotel early and have breakfast in Grand Central Terminal.

The main entrance to Grand Central, as many locals call her, is on 42nd Street at Park Avenue – it is only a few minutes walk from some of the best tourist hotels in New York – amoretravel has reviewed the best ones for you and our travel partners offer great prices and special deals.

Grand Central bustles like no other place, as the saying goes “stand here long enough and the entire world passes by”. The current building dates from 1913 and is a Beaux-Arts glory, it was fully restored at a cost of $200 million which was completed in 1998. Enter Grand Central on 42nd Street in order to experience the full impact and grandeur of the main concourse. Notice the 75ft windows, the marble floor, the famous four faced brass clock over the central kiosk and the glittering chandeliers. The star studded concourse ceiling replicating the zodiac constellations is amazing. Grand Central is the backdrop to so many romantic encounters, make it one of yours too. This is one place on a New York holiday which will make you tingle with excitement.

Stroll around the concourse, there are lifts to all floors, browse among the shopping arcades leading to Lexington Avenue and go down to the lower level where you’ll find a range of restaurants and more shops. Lunchtime in Grand Central gets very busy with the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant and many other eateries attracting lots of people. If you want to eat lunch, arrive early, choose a table and enjoy people watching as the world goes by. . . .
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New York Holiday visit Grand Central Terminal

Concourse Grand Central Terminal


Main entrance East 42nd Street at Park Avenue
Open 5:30am 1:30am
No admission charge
Buses M1, M2, M3 M4
Lower Floor Restaurants
Shopping Arcades & Food Market

Good Disabled Access

Wheelchair users you can navigate around all of Grand Central Terminal, there is ramped access and although the lifts are hidden a little ask for directions. Eating at some of the high bars may be a slight difficulty but we found staff to be very friendly and helpful.

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