On Marrakech holiday, discover the lure of Marrakech and MoroccoTravel to Marrakech and Morocco is generally safe, although since the Arab spring-rising and the French intervention in Mali, visitors have been warned to be more careful. The protests in Morocco have generally been peaceful and travel to the main cities continues as normal. You can check the latest travel advice by visiting the Foreign Office website.
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Marrakech and Agadir have large modern hospitals with smaller facilities in other towns. Doctors are available and there are many pharmacies throughout the towns and cities. Language barriers can be the biggest problem in accessing medical care.

The Department of Health advise that your polio, typhoid and hepatitis A vaccinations are up to date but there are no compulsory vaccinations required. You are not at a risk of Malaria although taking insect repellent spray or cream is advisable. You should ensure you take adequate Sun screen protection.

Morocco does not have any reciprocal health agreement with the UK so you will have to pay for any health treatment. Therefore you should ensure you have adequate travel insurance, amoreTravel recommends flexicover as they offer low cost policies with a wide range of benefits.


Part of the experience of Moroccan Holiday is to sample and enjoy the local food. In most restaurants food is generally safe to eat but it is important you ensure seafood is fresh. Mains water is considered safe to drink, although many travellers prefer to drink bottled water which is easily available. Incidences of stomach upsets do occur occasionally, with more cases reported in the summer. It can be a sensible precaution to take anti-diarrhoea tablets and if you do suffer a bout to remember to increase your fluid intake so as to remain hydrated.
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Marrakech Holiday visit palaces and mosques in this amazing cityLocal Laws and Customs

You should respect that Morocco is an Islamic country and that local laws, traditions and customs are different than our own. Remember you are the visitor and visiting religious sites or during the holy month of Ramadan you need to be particularly careful.

Women especially should dress discreetly and avoid wearing revealing clothes (eg. short skirts and strappy tops), exceptions are made in hotel resorts or certain beaches but do check beforehand.

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Morocco and sexual relations outside marriage are also punishable by law. It is not unheard of for hotels to ask couples who use different surnames to show evidence of marriage at check-in, and if evidence is not available, to insist on separate rooms.
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