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The world holds many wonders but on a city break you may struggle to find anywhere so mesmerising and enchanting as the Souks of Marrakech. These seemingly endless streets, largely sheltered from the blazing North African sun, hold all sorts of unexpected treasures. The streets are a blaze of colour and culture with the hustle and bustle of a marketplace teeming with stallholders, the Souks are an unmissable Marrakech holiday experience.

Whatever you’re looking for, chances are that you’ll find it when exploring the Souks, as well as all sorts of things you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. From the souvenirs, such as handmade jewellery and luxuriously soft leather slip-ons, to the mountains of herbs and spices which fill the Souks with the wonderful scent of an exotic cuisine, there is a trader anxious to take your money. This is an amazing Marrakech holiday adventure and it is right on your door-step .

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Souk of Marrakech Morocco Holiday experience | amoretravelThe Marrakech Souks are not your average holiday shopping experience. Prices are not set and the traders expect to have a debate over what is a reasonable price for the goods in question. Be prepared to haggle and do not simply agree to the first price given. The bartering is part of the fun of the Souks experience. The trader will start high and only come down a little with each offer you make, in the end with persistence and humour the price you pay will be considerably lower than that quoted in the first place.

Here follows a cautionary tale. One young man, so keen to equip himself with a Tommy Cooper style fez, forgot the need to barter with the stallholder or the exchange rate and he more than happily handed over the 400 Dirhams requested. Only later, when the novelty had worn off somewhat, did he realise that he had handed over the equivalent of £30 for a velour-covered cardboard bowl with a tassel!
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Marrakech Morocco Holiday Shopping in SoukOn a more serious note, the hustle and bustle of the Marrakech Souks provides a perfect stamping ground for pickpockets so it’s important to keep an eye on your possessions at all times. Don’t expect to spend all your Marrakech holiday money on material goods either. It is so easy for tourists to get lost in the Souks that some of the locals look around specifically for those looking confused and are happy to lead them back to where they want to be in exchange for a small fee.

No Marrakech holiday is complete without time in the Souks and you will come away with lasting memories of the bustle, colour and aroma of an enchanting place and time.

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