Marrakech, nicknamed ‘The Ochre City’ due to its red sandstone city walls and buildings, is an explosion of colour from the moment you first lay eyes on it. Discover and explore Marrakech on a city break or possibly a two-centred holiday. Morocco’s capital is a hub of culture, religion and commerce, the home of the Jemaa-el-Fnaa, Africa’s busiest square. Around the perimeter of the square are a number of cafes and restaurants where visitors can enjoy refreshments such as traditional mint tea, fondly known as Berber Whiskey (probably the closest you’ll come to the Scottish equivalent, outside of your hotel, in this strictly Muslim country) whilst watching the snake charmers, henna tattoo artists and entertainers under the shade of parasols and awnings.

Marrakech Holiday visit palaces and mosques in this amazing cityAway from the square, the beautiful mosques and palaces of Marrakech are a spectacle not to be missed. Built by various sultans throughout history, the buildings amaze tourists through the intricacy of their structure and their grandiose features.

As famous as the medina itself are the gardens of Marrakech, take time to relax and explore these tranquil spaces. The Majorelle Gardens are owned by Yves Saint-Laurent and are meticulously maintained and also have a small museum showing the artwork of YSL. For a more authentic experience visit The Aguedal Gardens which are popular with locals sheltering in the shade. For amazing views visit the Menara Garden, with Olive orchards and the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.

Reigning Moroccan monarch Mohammed VI has placed a strong focus on encouraging tourism to Marrakesh, with a lot of money being invested in new hotels and attractions. For your Moroccan holiday you can chose from small riads, boutique hotels, family resorts and luxury hotels, all will enable an amazing experience.

Marrakech Holiday with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains MoroccoWith the lure of the wonders of Marrakech as well as the other equally intriguing historic Moroccan cities of Fes, Casablanca and Rabat, and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the south, Morocco’s capital should not remain an undiscovered city in the journals of those who love to travel.