New York Attractions

New York can even dazzle the stars and if this is your first visit you will be overcome by its size, vibrancy and pace. On your city break there are more iconic places to visit than in any other city in the world. You can never expect to do it all in a few days and therefore amoretravel highlights some of the top attractions for you and also suggests a few daytime and night-time itineraries but only you know your own stamina and therefore pace yourself and choose what most appeals.

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  • Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building

    Rockefeller Center – the beat of New York

    The Rockefeller Center or ‘The Rock’ as locals often call her is an urban complex of 19 buildings at the heart of Manhattan. There is much to do and see around the Rockefeller Center so plan to spend a few hours in the area.

  • Times Square

    Times Square – brash, vibrant and colourful New York holiday

    Times Square – New York at its flashiest – once called “The Crossroads of the World”, the one-time symbol of Manhattan glitz and glamour is an area New Yorkers love to hate and visitors flock to see every night of the year.

  • Ellis Island, Gateway to America

    Ellis Island – Gateway to America

    Follow in the footsteps of millions of Americans by visiting Ellis Island and the Museum of Immigration. This deeply moving memorial to the people who arrived from distant lands to make America their new home is a highlight of any city break to New York.

  • Guggenheim Museum, New York

    Guggenheim Museum – New York masterpiece of modern architecture

    The dramatic sweeping curves of the Guggenheim’s exterior is one of the most striking features of the only building in New York designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Empire State Building – icon of New York

    Empire State Building – icon of New York

    Soaring more than a quarter of a mile above the heart of Manhattan, the Empire State Building is the most iconic skyscraper in the world and no city break to New York would be complete without a visit.

  • Entrance to Museum of Modern Art in New York, great place to visit on a city break

    New York Museum of Modern Art – MoMa

    The Museum of Modern Art underwent a dramatic $425m renovation by architect Yoshio Taniguchi and now offers an unparalleled collection of modern and contemporary art from the late 19th-century to the present.

  • Dining Room, Frick Collection

    Frick Collection – oasis of calm on New York holiday

    The palatial mansion is just one of the reasons for visiting the Frick Collection which is filled with an exquisite collection of 14th – 19th-century old masters, porcelain, furniture and bronzes.

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

    New York Metropolitan Museum of Art – blisteringly good

    No New York holiday is long enough for you to see everything in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is blisteringly good as your feet will confirm. It contains 5,000 years of history from Egyptian, Greek and Chinese cultures to a world-class collection of masterpieces.

  • grand central terminal

    Grand Central Terminal – New York holiday highlight

    A city break to New York would not be complete without a visit to Grand Central Terminal, the city’s most magnificent public space and possibly the loveliest railway station in the world. Enjoy breakfast here and watch the world go by as people go to work.

  • Statue of Liberty

    New York Statue of Liberty – symbol of freedom

    The green lady, a symbol of freedom and democracy, takes your breath away, however many times you’ve seen her photograph. The Statue of Liberty was the first sight for millions of immigrants as they approached their new country.


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