If you are only ever going to have one major city break  – make sure it is New York, like the other 45 million visitors a year you will love it! New York is bursting with world-class museums, great shopping, lively theatre, fashion, the arts, gorgeous parks and a nightlife that never stops. One holiday to New York is never enough to visit all there is to see and to soak in the atmosphere of this amazing city.

If this is your first visit to New York then like most tourists it is best to stay in Manhattan. A visit to New York is not for those who want a slow pace, everything in the city moves fast and if you only have a few days you need to plan ahead and decide what you want to see and do. To help plan your city break to New York we have listed the highlights, the best museums & galleries and the top entertainment . You will also find we have suggested a few itineraries for you. You are well advised to book things in advance, to save time in the queues and because many shows and attractions sell-out.

The best way to explore New York is on foot, however as Manhattan is 13 miles long and 2 miles wide you will probably need to make use of public transport as well. The Buses are good, many provide wheelchair access and taxis are abundant but few are accessible. Most of Manhattan is laid out as a grid with ‘avenues’ running north to south and streets running east to west. Buy a map from our travel store before you arrive and try to familiarise yourself with the city on your flight over.

New York Hotels offer the widest possible choice from budget to some of the most luxurious places to stay in the world. First-time visitors are probably advised to stay in mid-Manhattan which is convenient for more attractions, entertainment and of course shopping. amoreTravel feature many New York hotels and provide reviews based on personal experiences. For great ideas on where to stay and some of the best offers for city breaks visit our selection of New York hotels now.

The Highlights


Times Square

Top Museums & Galleries