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The Colosseum, an amazing roman site, essential to visit on city break to RomeThe ancient Romans used to call Rome the “Eternal City” because they believed that even if the world fell down around them, Rome would live on forever. It is amazing to see just how accurate their assertions were when on your city break you enter this stunning living museum. Italians have managed to extend their ancient culture well into the 21st century, ensuring that Rome does indeed remain eternal.

The capital of Italy, Rome is one of the best Cities to visit for a weekend break or in which to live for it is modern, exceptionally beautiful, brimming with life, rich in culture, history and the arts and so seductive. While on a city break the list of places to see is endless, one can spend a lifetime here and never fully take advantage of all that Rome has to offer. There are, however, certain places that should be top priority when spending a holiday in Rome.

St Peter's Square and Basilica, Vatican, Rome city breakA visit to the Coliseum and the Roman Forum is worth a city break alone. Seeing the massive structure of this all-too modern arena in person is certain to be the most memorable moment of your holiday in Rome. Strolling through the ancient playgrounds, streets and markets of the old city, it truly feels as though you are experiencing life in ancient Rome and you realise just how little has changed in our world since then.

Surely the Vatican is in itself sufficient reason for a city break to Rome. Thousands upon thousands of pilgrims make their way here each year. The reasons to come and experience the Vatican are plentiful.  Not only is it of profound religious value, there are invaluable historic, artistic and architectural reasons as well to visit. This is most definitely a must-see destination on your extended Roman holiday or city break.

Trevi Fountains in Rome, wonderful sight on a city break to this wonderful cityBoundless other sites of extraordinary interest await you in Rome. From gazing up at the ingenious dome of the Pantheon, to admiring the stunning beauty of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore; from sipping fine wine at a traditional Italian restaurant to enjoying a refreshing gelato at the Trevi Fountain; from a break on the Spanish Steps to sipping a coffee at a cafe in a busy fountain-filled piazzas.

Rome is nothing short of miraculous. You will never want your city break to end or have to leave.

Use the amoreTravel guide to Rome to plan your city break, review hotels, plan the attractions you most want to see and always leave time to relax in this most captivating of cities, you will love it!


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