Statue of Liberty incredible on New York holiday

Statue of Liberty

The green lady, a symbol of freedom and democracy, takes your breath away, however many times you’ve seen her photograph. The Statue of Liberty was the first sight for millions of immigrants as they approached their new country and on your New York holiday as you take your ferry towards her today, you can try to imagine how they felt.

When the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in October 1886 thousands of spectators were filled with awe. This gift from the people of France was in recognition of the friendship established between the two countries during the American Revolution and to be a lasting symbol of freedom and democracy.

On your New York holiday you will want to make the time to visit the Statue of Liberty and by visiting Ellis Island as well it will be a full-day and great value as admission to both is free, you only need to pay for the ferry. The standard entrance only permits you to climb the steps to the observation deck on the 16th floor, the grounds and museum, if you wish to go to the Crown  these must be booked in advance either online or by telephone with Statue Cruises. Crown reservations are not available at the ticket office.

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Disabled access onto the ferry and on Liberty Island is good. Once you are through security checks you will also be permitted to use a lift inside the base of the Statue to reach the Observation Deck.

To visit the Statue of Liberty today you need to buy a ferry ticket at Castle Clinton in Battery Park, or better book online at statuecruises. Be there as early as possible, tickets go on sale from 8:30am the first ferry is 9:00am and boarding is on a first come, first served basis. If you plan to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on the same day amoretravel recommends you visit Ellis Island first and return to the Statue of Liberty in the afternoon and miss some of the crowds. Be prepared for security checks at Battery Park and Liberty Island.

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New York holiday visit to Statue of Liberty

Original torch, can be viewed in the museum


Statue of Liberty 9:00am – 5:00pm
longer hours in peak season

Crown Reservations online statuecruises
Tel. 201-604-2800

Ferry Departs Castle Clinton
every 30 minutes from 8:45am

Buses to Ferry M1, M6 M15

Museum free of charge
Ferry Adult $17
Ferry Child $9

Good Disabled Access

New York Holidays visit Statue of Liberty, New York Travel Guide.