Vatican Museums in Rome - amazing collection of artSimply one of the greatest museums in the world, the Vatican Museums were founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century inside the Vatican City State. The 5.5 hectare complex is actually formed by two palaces connected by two long galleries and three courtyards with 54 galleries in total.  You need to spend tremendous amounts of time to see all of the art collected by the Roman Catholic Church, therefore on a Rome city break being selective is advisable.

The most famous and desirable art in the Vatican Museum complex is located in the Sistine Chapel. All itineraries wisely end in the Sistine Chapel where one can view the beautifully painted walls and ceilings by Michelangelo, including the famous and iconic “The Creation of Adam”, with a white-bearded God and a young man reaching out to each other and “The Last Judgement”.

Raphael Rooms in the Vatican Museum Rome, city break attractionSome of the most desirable art in the museums extends from the Classical and Renaissance periods.  Highlights are several paintings by Caravaggio including “Entombment”, Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of “St. Jerome in the Wilderness” and Perugino’s “Madonna and Child with Saints” Raphael is prominently featured here as well, his “Transformation” is one of the most important paintings of the museum. Most paintings are of a religious nature with painting after painting of martyrs lining the walls of the galleries.

In addition there are the Egyptian and Etruscan Museums, the Collection of Modern Religious Art, the Pio Christian Museum, and The Ethnological Missionary Museum, which features religious objects from around the world. The  famous Pio-Clementino museum houses an enormous collections of Greek and Roman statues.

To visit the Vatican Museums is an amazing experience and on a city break or longer Rome holiday it is worth setting aside a half-day to do just that. Indeed several days and a great deal of stamina is not enough to see everything the Vatican Museums have to offer. However, a trip here is a must during your Rome city break but to avoid the crowds you will have to arrive early.

There is disabled access to the Vatican Museums, there is a often a long queue to enter then you are shown to a separate ramped and lift access. Once inside there are wheelchair routes you will be able to visit the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms but the crowds of people will make viewing them difficult.

IApostolic Palace Vatican Museum Rome essential city break attractionnformation
Disabled Access – Partial,
9am-4pm; closing 6pm Monday-Saturday
9am-12.30pm; closing 2pm last Sunday of month

Adults €14
6-18yr and student €8
Under 6 years old free
Last Sunday of the month free

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